Saturday, 8 April 2017

March into April

Spring is busy on the borrow pit and along Houghton Brook.  A pair of Canada geese have dropped into the borrow pit and a little ringed plover is back again.

On the adjacent field I saw six skylarks chasing around the Kane digger and this one stopped to pose for me.  At least they are free to nest for a few more years as HRN1 is not going to be built there yet.  It is a relief to know that I will still hear the song of the skylark when I walk by the stream.  I couldn't imagine life without it.

A beautiful combination of yellow pussy willows and white blackthorn in the hedge.

I wish the whole length of the stream looked as clean and healthy as this spot, but sadly that's not the case.  However, a recent clear-up by the contractors has made an improvement and I hope it will now stay clear of visible rubbish at least.  Under water there is more to be cleared and the new spring growth covers other items.  New visitors to the stream include a moorhen, and the mallard seemed very relaxed when I snapped him.  I long to remove the plastic sack in the background.

I've also seen a muntjac and a fox down by the stream.

There is an update on the Luton Lea project including Houghton Brook which you can read on the River Lea Catchment website on the link below: 
This blackcap may have over-wintered and I have heard chiff-chaffs as well.  I do miss the willow warblers though that used to sing from the copse by the bus-link.  I heard lots in the Chalk Pit though, a wonderful place to hear birds singing and to video them because it's so quiet.  Once the Woodside Link is open it will be too noisy to video bird song there.
We shall just have to wait and see how the traffic affects the wildlife.  I welcome comments from your own observations.  The landscaping will continue for some time yet with more trees to be planted and grass to be sown along with wild flowers.  When the Parkside Link is finished the hedge will be replanted.  The embankment of the road next to the stream will be planted with bushes and it should look very attractive when completed and old and new have grown together.  I still can't bring myself to change the title picture of this blog.  Perhaps when the bushes begin to grow up to hide the fence, the hedge on the Parkside Link regrows, and newly planted trees mature to fill in the gaps. 

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