Friday, 10 March 2017

March Sightings

It's a very long time since I've spotted one of these, a mistle thrush, so I was delighted when it flew over and landed close by for me to appreciate it's beautiful speckled breast.  It is perched on the edge of the new section of Houghton Brook at the end of Parkside.

Then a pair of stonechat, first observed here by me in 2014, came to pose on  the Bellcross Homes land.  These are such handsome birds and I hope they stay.

Below three linnets are perched on a fence as the power lines have been removed.  They were chattering non-stop!

A new path over a drainage ditch enables one to see the planting that has been going on recently on the embankment of the Woodside Link, and bordering the cycle/footpath along the stream.  I also saw three kites and a kingfisher!

Lastly, a closer look at the drainage ditch revealed frogspawn, lots of it!

I have also taken photos of the rubbish in the stream, both contractors' and from the public and will not post them here to spoil your pleasure.  But have sent them to the appropriate place to be dealt with. 

Please pick up any rubbish you happen to drop and take it home to dispose of in the proper place.  All litter spoils the pleasure of the countryside for other people and endangers wildlife, as well as blocking the flow of water in the stream and risking causing flooding.  Please don't spoil this beauty.