Sunday, 18 September 2016

Something Fishy...!

Catch the fishy!  More fun than any computer game, watch out for sticklebacks in this video filmed in Houghton Brook just east of the M1.  You see the shadow first.

Why not go out on a sunny day and see them live?
Other News
Work on the road seems to be focussed on the M1 bridges at the moment and the top end of the road is being surfaced but doesn't appear to be progressing very fast elsewhere.   
I have made enquiries about the distance of the foot/cycle path from the top of the bank of the stream, supposed to be minimum 2m and if possible 3m, as it has measured less than that in places.  From a distance I can see lampposts have been installed along the cycle/footpath as well as the road.  That feels like truly the end of 'countryside' and the beginning of 'urbanisation'. 
The site of another housing development east of Houghton Park Estate borders on the stream so I am monitoring those plans as well. 
Do come if you can to the meeting about the Community Orchard on Saturday 24th September at Sandringham Hub 2.00-4.00pm.