Friday, 12 August 2016

August Update

Wilderness on the banks of Houghton Brook
With the heavy rain in July the stream has flowed consistently throughout the summer providing rich vegetation on the banks.
In August a special visitor came to the borrow pit.

Little Ringed Plover

 As I approached, it performed its 'broken wing' act to draw me, a potential predator, away from its nest, which I discovered on an island close to the shore.  The background is perfect camouflage.  I was privileged to watch this for a long time but it eventually relaxed and believing me to be no longer a threat, it continued feeding and calling on the offshore islands. 

The plover only stayed a few days but a family of mallards has taken up residence on the borrow pit.  The female keeps a close eye on her five ducklings.  There are gulls around which could easily take a duckling.

 I wonder what will turn up here next?  In autumn and winter Golden Plover used to feed in the fields on this very spot.